Alright here are some news:
I quit'd using FL studio, and use Ableton live now.

Got some new songs ready, but they are too big to be uploaded to NG. But if you wanna hear them, drop by my Soundcloud account. Link
Got 2 song that i was supposed to upload here, uploaded there:
Impulse (Minimal/Electro-house)
Dance machine (Trance)

So thats all from me now...


Hunt for bass

2010-09-23 00:01:50 by timpeton

Hey all,
So, i just recently entered a competition called "The hunt for bass".
I know my winning changes are low, cuz i entered with the "I don't get it" song.
If you ask, why do i think my winning changes are low? Then heres the answer: It's because i've noticed, that most of the songs in the competition are like basshunter's(He's as one of the judges) They sound like didididididid and a guy is singin sumthin about love lol.
But heres my entry anywayz:
Entry n stuff
Well, if someone else reading this entered it, i wish ya luck.

Random news are random

2010-09-19 13:08:47 by timpeton

As the title says, random news are random. I wrote this because it feels stupid to keep 2 months old news on the front page :P

But yeh, nothing to say, enjoy the weather while its good...
Oh yeah, almost forgot, i was testing my skillz on making DnB, and the song is gunna be released real soon like... Its called Technically, so keep ya eyes open!

Greets from finland.


2010-06-30 11:31:32 by timpeton

So, right now, im making a full lenght album that i'll call "Crappy Dance". It will have some songs i have already uploaded here, such as "Clubber", "May i test your subwoofer" and "The System". It also has some new tracks that have never been released before. I'll put the download link here as soon as i get it done.


2010-06-01 14:55:55 by timpeton

So here are some links for you guys..
Facebook: /111508198893317?ref=ts
For Finnish speaking people:
Soo there they are...
More as soon there will be any.
Random picture!!!



2010-05-27 12:42:01 by timpeton

As the title says, do not lol at this... Here it comes... i made a facebook fanpage for Timpeton! Like, like, like!! XD

2nd project!!

2010-05-25 10:30:47 by timpeton

Yeah...I finally made the first song by my 2nd project, MCB. It stands for Melodical crunck beats as you may already know :P
But, go and listen to the song! ;)

Plugin's, anyone?

2010-05-03 09:40:31 by timpeton

Just asking, that would anyone know some VSTi plugins for FL studio? I've got V-Station, Nexus and Z3ta :) It would be helpful if someone would tell me in tha comments ;)

Have a nice day.